Get Your Act Together! - with Janet Lynn
Do you need to get your Musical Act together?
Pros: Hone your craft—Wow the crowd! Get stage or studio-ready. 
Get real.  Find the genuine artist you truly are.  Find your own voice.
• Do you suffer voice fatigue after one set? 
Can everyone understand your diction in your lyrics?
Do you run out of breath before the end of the phrase?
Having pitch problems or inconsistent performances?
Swallowing words while you're singing?  Trouble phrasing?
Go Pro:  Go from singing in the shower to singing on stage.  Always wanted to sing, to explore your voice?  Find your style, vocal range, the "how to's" of singing and performing--and what's holding you back from reaching your goal?  Learn what's necessary to sing/play with a band.
Artist Development: For individuals or bands.  Have experience but need polish, stage craft, direction?  Let's find out what's missing, your next step, and your you-nique technique.  Pre-production prepares you to record your first CD project.  Janet worked with the writer Bruce Robison prior to his first record before hits, Traveling Soldier (recorded by the Dixie Chicks), Angry All the Time (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill), and songs recorded by George Strait ended up being recorded from that project.
Songwriters: Professional Recorded Demo services available for the songwriter who does not sing or perform. 
Songwriting Coaching also available.
Moms Rock: Bands for beginner or inexperienced female musicians who want to discover their creative side.  Have fun with other beginner/intermediate players, no experience necessary. You must provide your own instrument.  One mom said it was "cheaper than therapy or a new convertible."
Family Bands: Get the whole family involved, mom, dad, the kids and grandma.
Kids Band: The newest addition to Get Your
Act Together.
Private and Group Lessons Available: 
For vocal coaching, acoustic and electric guitar, electric or upright bass, piano and drums.  Instructors are all professional, experienced in stage and studio, and some are Grammy Winning instructors. 
Music instruction must be in around Austin, Texas area.  All music
clients learn to play by ear and the Nashville Number system.
Guitar Technician: Repairs, servicing, string changes are all available on site at reasonable fees by a certified guitar tech....saving you time and a trip to the music store. 
All information confidential, great package prices available.  Please contact us for prices, availability,
questions, and more information.    512-722-3610
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